The Art of Separation

KnightThere are two the most famous knight orders in Ushka Bau: the Holy Order of Separation placed in the city of the same name and the Order of Nexus` Paladins near the Great Cathedral.

Many famous people were the followers of the Art of Separation. The kingdom Doggania is ruled by the mighty knights dynasty of Doggons to the present day. The settlement named Sparta is known due to their powerful soldiers, used by many nations in their wars as mercenaries. Almost all guards in cities are good in the Art of Separation too.

Every knight of the Holy Order of Separation is mighty warrior which uses magic in the battle. They thing that the separation is the fundamental idea: everything is being created by separation. Knights could be easily known by their shiny armor and their symbolBroken Sword.

To the Art of Separation belongs only one Ringsthe Ring of Division. The King of Doggania may know something of its whereabouts, but it`s difficult to gain audience with him-he`s recently taken ill and his regent seems very protective of him. There are a lot of bad rumors about this man. Personally, I don`t trust him; you should be wary in your dealings with him.

Broken Sword

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