A study of the Ring Myth


ike all who practice the Six Arts, I was raised on the legends of The Rings of Power. According to these stories, the Rings are but pieces of the Rod of Creation, the most powerful object known to us. The Rod was the tool of Nexus the Benevolent who saved our world from a slow death and gave us the Six Arts so we might one day be worthy of His glorious presence.

These Rings have been lost for centuries, and despite the teachings of the Temple of Nexus, many think that perhaps they never existedthat the Rod of Creation is but a legend. We, the Masters of the Six Guilds, have discovered strong evidence that the Rings do indeed exist, and have clues as to the locations of each one. That this is a discovery of monumental importance from a historical standpoint goes without saying. But we are now faced with grave circumstance which makes immediate action on our parts imperative.

It seems that we are not the only ones who seek the Rings of Power; the minions of Void the Destroyer have been unusually active across the globeheir evil has followed us throughout our search and they have managed to thwart our efforts on many occasionsEagle, the great Master Archer was lost to us just this day.

We can only conclude that Void is aware of our quest, and contrives to stop is from reassembling the Rod of Creation, or worse, to achieve this thing himself. With the Rod in Void`s hands, chaos will rule the world as it did during the Cataclysm 500 years ago, and I fear even Nexus himself will be powerless to stop it.

It falls to me to record our findings so that our work may continue. Each of us will charge our six most promising students with the task of building a strong team of adventurers (one member from each discipline) to find the Rings. We can only hope that with the help of the information in this journal, one of these groups will be successful. I have high hopes for young Buche shows great aptitude and honor, and this is indeed a quest of honor; the power of the Rings can only be entrusted to the noblest of beings.

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