Шесть таинств


efore Nexus, we lived in darkness; the sin shone as brightly as ever, but ours was a darkness of the soul. At last, in the flash of divine light, Nexus appeared, bringing with him the Golden Age.

Nexus used the Rod of Creation to restore our world; the desolate planet of Ushka Bau became a paradise. He bestowed upon each man, woman and child the gift of one of the Six Arts. For many years we prospered.

The demon Void brought an end o the Golden Age. The new world Nexus had created was one of the great beauty and the love we felt for him was powerful. Seeing this, the demon`s foul heart was filled with envy. He stole the precious Rod of Creation, and created an age of chaos. Thus began the Cataclysm; a reign of terror lasting 66 years.

At last Nexus confronted Void and the two fought a titanic battle for the Rod of Creation. In the end their might split the Rod in two, and each fled with half. Each then divided his half into rings and hid them to keep the other from reassembling the Rod and taking power again. Many have quested to recover the Rings and restore the Rod of Creation to Nexus. All have failed.

In the 500 years since the Cataclysm, the Rings of Power have become but a legend. Yet all have read the Book of Nexus, and know of the Sacred Quest to find the Rings and restore the Rod of Power to Nexus. Only the noblest of men might be trusted to carry out this quest, resisting the temptation to use the Rod`s power to his own ends.

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