The Art of Body


Necromancers belong to the Art of Body. These morbid men and women have a knowledge of the body that lets them heal or cause woundsin some cases even raise the dead. They believe that Life is but the beginning of Death. They are known by their black clothing, and the Skull symbol they wear.

Inhabitants think they`re evil, but in fact that is not always right.

The Head of the Guild named Flemm lives in the City of Blood. The city itself is situated near the sea and an old huge graveyard. Necromancers use to navigate some strange ritual ceremonies which are not well understood by simple people. Citizens of Blood know a little more about the Art, therefore they aren`t too aggressive and even help the Necromancer in their work. But for the rest of inhabitants of Ushka Bau the followers of the Art of Body stay often dark and obscure.

One of the most famous achievements of this Art is Necropolis. This town is situated in the Great Desert. There are a few living people there and a big tomb.

To this Art belong two Rings of Power: the Ring of Bile and the Ring of Blood. The first one was one of the Void`s share of the Rings, and he clues indicate that he entrusted it to Pain, one of his High Priests. If you can find where he is buried, the Ring may still be with him. Talk to Curtis in the City of Blood.


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