The Art of Summoning

ConjurerConjurers use their powers to call perfect forms from other planes of reality. They seek only perfectionanything less is beneath their notice. Conjurers are blind, but have an inner vision that lets them perceive the images of this world and many others. Recognize them by the pure white cloaks they wear, and by their pure white eyes. Their sign is the Sphere.

The first Ring of the Conjurers is the Ring of Calling. When I spoke to Slice at the Guild of Pieces in Division, he told me about an old wise man who lives behind a waterfall. If you can find him, he may know something about this Ring.

The second Ring of the Conjurers is the Perfection Ring. It is said to be hidden in a “perfect place”. Visit the University Library and speak to the resident expert on Perfectionhe may be of some help.


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