The Art of Change


Enchanters can alter the very fiber of objects, changing hem to whatever form pleases them These strange folk believe that change is the essential quality of lifefor them, nothing may remain the same. Red hair and radical clothing distinquish them from all others. Their symbol is Infinity.

The followers of the Art of Change are pretty venturous. In their capitol Kaos the large world famous lottery takes place. Also Kaos is the only one city where the two confessional church is. Cute small building is separated in two parts. In one of them is a torture chamber where the Black Priest the head is. Another one half belongs to the Nexus` Red Priest.

Enchanters have two Rings of Power: Variation and Mutation. I spoke with an Enchanter in the City of Kaos who believes that a tower on the Eastern side of the Great Desert could hold an answer to Ring`s quest. The Mutation Ring has taken on the form of a womand and is living as a commoner, moving from city to city, when the stories are true. Anyway Kaos might be a good place to start looking for both of these Rings.


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