The Art of Mind


Sorcerers use the power of the Mind. The followers of this Art can control minds of others.

The Sorcerer`s Academy is situated in the City of Mind. This huge building with beautiful inner garden is placed near the city`s central plaza. The city itself is not only an Academy but a big trading seaport too.

The Art of Mind is considered to be the most intellectual of all the Six arts. The sorcerers` symbol is the all-seeing Eye of the Mind. They could be known by the simple cape and hood they wear.

There are three Rings that belong to this Art. The first one is the Ring of Thought. There is not too much known about it. The Red Priest Ak Thul in the City of the Mind should know more about its location. According to the legend the Ring of Intuition was kept at Academy of Sorcery, but it was stolen by a greedy dragon. You need to talk to El Grippa, the grounds keeper in the Academy garden. He may have some stories to tell about it. The Ring of Will is the third Ring of the Sorcerers. It`s rumored to be in the possession of one Keef the Thief, the leader of the Thieves Guild in Thieves Heaven. He is a troublesome sort, but I suggest you to find a way to make a deal with him.

Eye of Mind

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